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Runemagick is an underground band from Sweden formed in the early 90's with more or less active eras since then. Many of our fans and listeners usually put us in the "death/doom" genre. But we make no big deal of the genre. Call it doom, call it death or both. We play what we want and what we like ourselves and it sounds like Runemagick.
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Enter The Realm Of Death...

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July 1, 2021

The time has come for a new journey beyond life!
It is time to inform you that we will enter the realm of death once again and record a new album during the winter of 2021/2022. We are currently in the demo phase of songs and it sounds like Runemagick. A continuation of the previous album "Into Desolate Realms" with a lot of influences from our classics as well. Expect a Runemagick album just the way it should be!
The album will be released by Hammerheart Records in 2022. Hammerheart, which we have previously worked with reissues of "Darkness Death Doom" and "On Funeral Wings" vinyls. We are very much looking forward to a new album and great collaboration with Hammerheart.
Now we crawl back into the creative abyss again and we will come back with more information when it's time.

Nicklas, Emma, Daniel, Jonas

Latest album: "Into Desolate Realms"

The latest album "Into Desolate Realms" was released 2019 on LP, CD (High Roller Records) and MC (Nirucon Productions). Recorded at Sonic Train Studios and Abysmal Noise Studio 2019. Mixed and mastered by Johan Bäckman at Raven Noise Studio 2019.


Nicklas Rudolfsson - guitar and vocals | web: | instagram: @nirucon
Emma Rudolfsson - bass guitar | instagram: @emmagick
Daniel Moilanen - drums | instagram: @mojjoficial
Jonas Blom - guitar | instagram: @jonasblom1350


The main releases...
TBA (album 2022)
Into Desolate Realms (album 2019)
The Opening Of Dead Gates (EP/MLP 2019)
ChthonicMagick (split 2019)
Evoked From Abysmal Sleep (album 2018)
Dawn Of The End (album 2007)
The Northern Lights (split 2007)
Invocation Of Magick (album 2006)
Black Magick Sorceress (EP 2006)
Envenom (album 2005)
On Funeral Wings (album 2004)
Darkness Death Doom (album 2003)
Moon Of The Chaos Eclipse (album 2002)
Requiem Of The Apocalypse (album 2002)
Dark Live Magick (live album 2001)
Resurrection In Blood (album 2000)
Enter The Realm Of Death (album 1999)
The Supreme Force Of Eternity (album 1998)

+ a lot more... for more information go to this page.

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Current record label: Hammerheart Records

Credits, thanks and hello to...

No order of the names mentioned but somehow these person has helped us or been involved in our journey over the years or loyal hardcore fans/supporters and friends. We have certainly forgotten some names as well and apologize if so!

Haavard (Aftermath Music), Johan Bäckman (Raven Noise Studio), Andy La Rocque (Sonic Train Studios), Olivier Zoltar Badin, Guido Heijnens (Hammerheart Records), Philipp Schulte (Imperium Productions, Century Media), Robert Pehrsson, Steffen (High Roller Records), Daniel Abecassis (Kill-Town Death Fest), Tim (Parasitic Records), Erika (Chthonic Deity, Necrosic, Scolex), Paul (Chthonic Deity, Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice), Christian Johansson (The Funeral Orchestra, Irkallian Oracle, Funeral), Serpent Above, Andrej Peters, Hellbutcher, Andreas "Whiplasher" Bergh, Paolo Girardi, Tomas "Offensor" Eriksson (Grotesque), Catta Eldhexan, Fredrik Johnsson, David Nilsson (Feral), Björn Andersson (Ocean Chief), Jon Metalion, Impure Wedding Productions, Flowing Downwards, Yuriy (Archaic Sound), Taras (Nomad Snakepit Productions), Leif Edling & Candlemass, Zuma (Dead Sky Records), Vinny Bochicchio (Signature Riff), Henry Yuan (Impure, Electric Assault), Jessa Blavatsky, Felipe (Nifelheim, Scald, Procession), Robert Höög (Battle of Bewitchment), Johan Norman (Soulreaper, Dissection, Trident), Jarne (Party-San), Cianeto, Ablaze Productions be updated... official website of Runemagick.
Music & lyrics © Runemagick. Artworks and photos © the artists and photographers. "Into Desolate Realms" painting by Paolo Girardi. "Draugr", "Raven With Universe Within" and "Skull With Horns" illustrations by Catta Eldhexan. "Dragon Star" by Nicklas Rudolfsson. "Vulcano woodcut seal" by David Nilsson.
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